Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs. Powell

Happy Happy Day to Mrs. Winnie 'the pooh' Powell! I'll never forget visiting up at UVA for your 20th bday and surprising you at dinner. Well that part wasn't soooo memorable. But you know what was? when you passed out on the toilet at your own party! Ahhh the memories! Love you like you loved your jello shots that night...and much much more! Have a great one!


Friday Funnies

Travel Alert: Winter Weather Conditions at Houston Hobby (HOU) - Ha Ha!
Happy Friday!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Reasons to come to LA

People wearing swimsuits...in November
FROOGAL: as a personalized license plate...on a BMW 740
Cirque de Sole cast members practicing...on the local pier
Rolling blackouts...that are planned
Cupcake Shops...on every street
Commercials being filmed...on your street (for Match and Flowers.com none the less)
Eco Friendly Taxis...has to be the new fad
The best Pirate's Booty from Trader Joe's
Botox on the Beach - a real store on the Venice Boardwalk
Blue Skies everyday
The Price is Right


Come already!!! Did I mention I have two couches and a great karaoke bar down the street??

xoxo Babs!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Rosemary!

Happy 26th Birthday Rosemary! Remember your 21st? I do! I think it ended with us dragging you up the lawn of your house junior year in Austin. Hope that made you smile!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pritchett Puppies

Sydney just finished her second week at Rover Oaks. She goes once a week and from her report card you can tell she must love it!

For those of you who have not met Sydney let me give you a little recap. She was picked out and purchased by Roxy and I a couple of months before we embarked on our California adventure. We picked out the cutest puppy we could find. We even picked her despite the fact that she was located in Arizona. But how could you resist this face?!?

Even though she is grown up now, she is the best puppy ever! I was originally very worried about being responsible for picking out a new dog seeing that
the dog I rescued in fourth grade (RIP Maddie) was not the nicest, per say. While she loved our family, she hated our friends, other dogs, and the mailman to say the least. Rosemary, who claims "tamed Maddie" could only buy Maddie's affection with treats and human food. Well, with Sydney, faith in my animal selection is been re-born! After her second week at doggie day care she came home with a stellar report card. No time-outs to report here!

Maddie on the other hand would probably have
only lasted one day, if that, at doggie day care. I imagine her report card to come home tied around her neck looking something like the one to the right with a note attached to the back saying "Unfortunately Maddie has been banned for life. I repeat, she is no longer allowed at Rover Oaks. She made no dog friends and attempted to attack each and everyone of them. She was in timeout for most of the day. Please look for the legal bills in the mail.".

Well it is what is is. But look at the bright side, now we are not only blessed with a friendly, playful, loving dog with friends, but so are the Longhorns! She is their newest Number 1 Fan! So while Maddie plays with all her friends up in Heaven, Sydney is left to rule the playground of Rover Oaks and cheer on the horns!

xoxo, Babs

Friday, November 6, 2009

YOU Learn How to Park: Part 2

Speaking of notes on a car Rosemary, I have to tell you that I come home every night and in my already too skinny of an alley try and pull into my parking space without dinging my car. Any passer-byer would think that Austin Powers himself had taught me how to park. Yes, they automatically would think that I had no clue what I was doing. I am almost positive that they would lay LESS THAN ZERO blame on the BIG FAT WHITE TRUCK that makes a spot by parallel parking behind my spot, much less even notice it or the street parking permit it has hanging from the rear view mirror.

Well not me, this truck has been paralleling in the alley behind my spot for a while now with their street parking permit just dangling in my face! So last Sunday after a long Halloween night out, I had had enough! I squeezed my car from the alley into the garage almost hitting the truck, the wall, the trash can...everything, you name it, and decided to do something about it. I took out a receipt I had on the floor of my car and scribbled in black (not red and certainly in not any type of girly scrip) the following:
"Please go park in the street. I cannot get my car in and out of my parking spot with you here. Thank you."

AND most importantly signed my name and phone number. I was certainly not going to be a coward! One could say I was a bit cowardly in the sense that what I really wanted to say was:
"Stupid Truck go park in the street where you belong. Or in Texas for all I care. You already have a two car garage filled with CRAP. So stop taking up more than your fair share and park where you're supposed to Ass $#&@"

While I didn't get a response or a phone call, I did get the truck to move for a couple of days at least. It hasn't been there so we'll see how long it lasts. My next note won't be so nice. maybe something along the lines of:

"You belong in Texas with squiggly writing girl friend on the 8th floor of Roesmary's parking garage. Beat it!"