Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to survive a coyote attack: by someone that knows!

What to do when encountered by a coyote:
1. Be alert
2. Arm yourself (See pic A)
3. Call Dad
4. Disregard Dad
5. Cautiously proceed forward with as little fear as possible (they sense fear).
6. Run, if necessary

(Pic A) The Attacker

So yesterday my sister and I decided to hike up to the famous Hollywood sign via Griffith Park. We parked halfway up the hill and started our uphill trek to the sign. There were people on the trail, but not many. We made it to the sign (or as close as you can get) and turned around knowing the way back would be all down hill! YES!

Well while briskly walking down hill I spotted what looked like a dog about 20 yards ahead of us. However there were no people which means it was no dog. The scene went something like this:

"Mel, that's a coyote"
"No it's not Jennifer, it's a dog"
"NO...IT'S A COYOTE...there are no people"

This was no friendly Wile E. Coyote either, he was proceeding slowly but would stop every yard or so and glare back at us, no joke! So luckily I knew what to do. We simply followed steps 1 - 6 above and made it out alive. I did not plan on following step 4 but when Dad instructed us to get in the car and drive...back to Texas, we had no choice but to disregard him. A. the car was still half a mile away or so and B. there are coyotes in Texas as well.

So needles to say we survived and will most likely go on this hike again but probably just not at 5:00 which I suspect is dinner time for Mr. Wile E. Coyote and friends. They are ugly little things, and I don't plan on seeing one again anytime soon.


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