Monday, August 24, 2009

THIS IS MY YEAR! (But don’t quote me on that)

Well I am sitting here at the airport listening to my chill random mix looking (and feeling) good. And by good I mean crap. My stomach is in knots (don’t worry Winnie it had nothing to do with the amazing food last night…more like the pieces of cake and the chocolate pretzels I was downing like crack), my eyes are telling a story I probably didn’t want to share with the thousand strangers passing by me at IAH, and my hair is a mess. Wendy counted something like 58 bobby pins that she pulled out of her hair. I lost count at 30 and am sure there are still some tangled in my mess of a doo right now.

But the reason I feel and look the way I do right this minute is because last night was a successful wedding celebration for Winnie and Ben. Seriously, what a night! Who wouldn’t want to begin a life of love with a full Mexican buffet, 412 of your closest friends and relatives, seven of the best bridesmaids EVER, a photo booth of silliness, a band, and of course a full open bar. You couldn’t ask for more. Unless you’re Patty Woods in which case you would request a tambourine, or just bring your own. The party was amazing. We laughed, we drank, we ate, and most importantly we danced. Even Wendy was pulling out some special moves I hadn’t seen before. The Party Moms on Parade were in FULL effect and the love train just kept on going.

Sure, weddings are about having fun with your friends and celebrating the gracious union of love and commitment but to be honest to me they are really about the cake and the bouquet. Really, I judge a wedding by the taste of the cake (mostly the grooms cake because I love chocolate) and catching the bouquet. I don’t always catch the bouquet though. Sometimes really lame people decide they can put fate in their own hands and hand it to the “lucky” recipient(s) and that is just crap. But to me the tossing of the bouquet is a tradition of passing the love along from one bride to the next?!? I have caught two bouquets; the first was a year ago and then again last night. So THIS IS MY YEAR. But if things don’t work out we always have next year. And shout out to Ms. Palmer who is actually next.

So all in all I rate the wedding a 110!

The other epic part of last night was that I snuck out from my parents’ house for the first time, ever. Yep at the age of 25 I attempted to sneak out of my parents’ house. I wish I had tried this back in high school. At least I would have known what I was doing because it was apparent that I had no idea what I was doing at 3 am last night as I got busted. That is just sad. I was outside waiting to close the garage when I hear this voice from above “Babs, what are you doing?”. Low and behold my mom is hanging outside my sister’s window and has caught me red handed. Classic right? Pitiful is more like it.

Winnie and Ben – 1; Mom – 1; Barbara - -1


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