Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talents and Finding Mine

Monday was my first day at work at my new job in LA. I had been warned that new people in my group have to get up and sing their school’s fight song on their first day, first thing, Monday morning. I debated long and hard last weekend about whether this was a joke or not and finally concluded that it was not. So I practiced some but I knew it wouldn't help. I was doomed.

When I got to work I confirmed that this was not a joke. And
to make things worse, the new girl from last week not only sang her school’s fight song, but also tap danced to it. Yea, so how the HELL was I supposed to follow that up? So surly enough at the commencement of the Monday morning 8 AM meeting I was introduced and asked to stand up and sing. After the 30 seconds of the Texas Fight Song, which I so proudly sang in front of 40 strangers, I was told to find my talent and come back. Encouraging right? They were lucky I came back on Tuesday (talent or not). I mean shit, do they have an oven because I can make one hell of a cookie but other than that talents aren't really my strong suit.

So tonight, after day three of my new job, I came home and turned on the tv and America’s Got Talent was on NBC. I have never seen this show but the first act was a dance group from Berkley. I balked at this at first. Berkley kids are known for their smarts not their dance moves. But this might be the smartest group of Berkley kids yet. They formed a Bollywood Dance Group. Clearly capitalizing on Slumdog Millionaire, AND it was good. I was really impressed and what a freaking smart group of people. Street dancing is so MTV circa 2005. What is that show...America's Best Dance Crew? Well that is last week's news. This was brilliant! Way to take the hype of Slumdog and make money off of it Berkley kids. Bravo.

So after my excitement from their brilliant idea subsided, I started to notice the Bollywood moves. Have you ever seen Bollywood dance before? There is nothing to it. Seriously, it is a mix of cheerleading moves and some of my famous feet movements (check it out below). It really looks easy. I think it is more about the costume and the music. So after I get some weeks of practice and some hours of crunches under my belt, I have decided that I am going to bust back into that meeting room and show them my real talent: Bollywood Dancing. Who's your mama?

Done and Done.


  1. 3 things of note:
    1.) I happen to LIVE for every single episode of America's Best Dance Crew, so from one former break-dancer to a non-break-dancer: stick it where the sun don't shine.
    2.) Welsh owns a Bollywood dance aerobic video. I bet she'd let you borrow it for rehearsals.
    3.) Following your previous post ("This Is My Year!"), its clear you want us to perform such a Bollywood dance at your impending wedding - am I correct? Consider it already in the works.

  2. Bollywood work outs? See now that is exactly my point...bollywood dancing is so easy anyone can do it, even my me and my rythemlessness, and it is so not intense enough to be a workout. But there they go again capitalizing off of the popularity. That is where the money is. beanie babies were it at one point...I just waited toooo long. Dangit.

  3. I too have this bollywood aerobic video! It was quite the late night entertainment for my roommate and myself back in the Hardin House days...

    p.s. You "singing" The Texas Fight song in front of your coworkers may be the best story of all times. You can expect a re-enactment request the next time I see you!

  4. Yes I do own a bollyword workout video. I pretty much love all things India, HELLO I worked for an Indian jeweller. But there is one thing you have to learn for Bollywood: Screw in the lightbulb, pet the dog, if you get that down, then you are golden.