Monday, September 7, 2009

Earth to Wendy?

Donde esta chica bonita???????
(Wendy, since you don't speak Spanish that means "Where are you pretty girl?").

Well it seems like I have been carrying this blog for a couple of weeks now, and while my life has been very interesting and adventurous and cool I would like to know what is going on back on the Texas Coast. Wendy???? HELLO!?!

As for Labor day in LA, I must say it was a blast. So far this has been my favorite weekend. I'll give you a couple of the highlights and try and connect with the randomness of it all, as that is my life to date. (This is a bit long but deal with it).

Friday: Roxie's Birthday

8:00 PM - 1:30 AM Birthday Night Out: My office closed at 2 PM which allowed time for me to drive around LA and pick up cupcakes and flowers for Roxie's bday for the cute pizza place we were going to called Jones. We were then planning to go to this infamous bar called Happy Endings that has been described as a pretty "fratty" bar but it is one of a kind and really fun. In my head I am imaging a more upbeat Lizards mixed with The GK and a bunch of popped collars? We'll see. We ended up hitting up a swankier place called Winston's. This place was GREAT! Wonderful people watching and lots of stuff going on. Six girls occupying a table at this place apparently is a great way to meet people. However, most of them you don't want to meet. Like the Babbling British Bloke who picked Roxie up at the bar with a pick up line of:
"Well wait a second, move into the light I can't tell if you are hot or not."
UMM OK. No. Then he proceeds to follow her back to our table. Well this idiot sat next to me and I don't put up with that type of guy. So what do I do? After 5 mins of him trying to get me to forgive him (yea right buddy, you're lame) I politely pointed to a chair at the adjacent table and told him he needed to remove himself from ours and that the chair across the way looked available. He didn't like this so much. So I said fine go buy the birthday girl a shot bc you were so rude. He refused and said that was not necessary for us to forgive him. Ok buddy well get a freaking clue. We don't like you.

1:30 AM to 2:00 AM Meet Warren: Aka Roxie's new best friend. Well I actually didn't meet him at this time, only Mel did, but he is a transplant of eight days (definition: one who relocates to LA). He and Roxie exchanged numbers at the end of the night. That is all.

Saturday: Recovery

Early PM: Roxie had to work while I ran around looking at apartments with Amy and Cameron. Ok, so not a big highlight. Apt. hunting sucks.

4:00 PM Game Time: Head to a bar in Hollywood to watch the Texas Game with all the Texas Exes out here. Super fun! Had a blast. Best part, OU SUCKS and lost to the Mormons!! Awesome, must celebrate!

8:00 PM Santa Monica Bar Hopping: Roxie gets a call from Warren to come meet up. He has been at South for God knows how long. We show up and he is wasted. This gets hysterical because Roxie and him just met last night for 10 mins and he is drunk with non-stop verbal diarrhea. Something like this:
"OMG Roxie we are going to be best friends. I can't wait. I mean really, BEST friends. I am embarrassed to tell you this but am so drunk so I don't care but all day I have just been thinking about the fun things we are going to do. Like Roxie goes to the beach with me, Roxie drives in the car with me, Roxie plays kickball with me..."

Clearly Roxie left some sort of amazing impression on him if he was thinking about her all day after having only met her after way too many cocktails at 1:30 AM. But yea, he has turned Roxie into a Barbie Doll. I mean I know she is blonde and lives in Cali, but she does not drive a pink corvette nor has she ever dated anyone named Ken, and I would argue I am more like a Barbie Doll because I would be the first one to get a pink car, and possibly date a Ken but I'll leave that up do discussion. But this was freaking hysterical and I can't wait to hang out with him again. (Side note: he moved out here with his best friend so that makes this all so funny on even another level. It's not like he is all on his lonesome out here).

Warren departed around midnight (I guess). We decided to go to another bar and low and behold it is a Karaoke Dive Bar! We walk in and to our sprise there is none other than Travis Brewer is up on the stage OWNING it. I was shocked. What small world. Later in the night we bumped (our iPhones app get it ASAP) and hopefully will hang out soon. He seems like quite the charecter.

Sunday AM: Felt like SHITE. Hit up Malibu, got a shake on the Malibu pier and went apartment hunting again. AND guess what I think we found one! We are turning the application in tomorrow and I am super excited about it! I'll keep you all updated and post pics if we get it. Note: I wore my sunglasses all day in and outside these places because I was in no shape to be meeting potential landlords! Lords of all the land!

Sunday PM: We decide to chill and wake up at 4:00 AM to go to The Price is Right. Now you all probably know that I have been on once before and I am obsessed. So needless to say I was very excited! We got there at 4:30 AM. We were in line behind two sisters, Tina and Toni, (approx ages 55 and 51) who had been 15 times in the past year. THAT IS NUTS AND SO WERE THEY! They knew the man who interviews you, Stan, where the cheap parking was, what TPIR was looking for, all the rules and regulations, I mean you name it, they knew it.

When the gas station opened up she went and bought some powdered donuts, 10 mins later she went back and bought some Crumb donuts. Approx weight, 250 LBS and a cat lover, no doubt. For the remainder of the day we were going to be next to these ladies except for the 2 hour break you get before you have to be back for the taping. So after our 4:00 AM alarm and listening to these women we made an executive decision to stop by CVS on the walk home and get some mimosa ingredients. Def. the best idea of the day. Yum! We mixed and mingled with ourselves at Stef's before heading back up to CBS at 8:30 AM.

The rest of the day was pretty much us waiting around in the lot with 300 of what perfectly describes middle America. I am talking these people go to the beach and swim in their clothes, they wear American flag shirts (no offense Courtney), they drive miles and miles to make it here and they are pure entertainment.

Here is what I learned about Toni and Tina (the 2 sisters) throughout the day.

  • They have been on the show 15 times
  • Toni weighed 250 lbs
  • Toni has been unemployed for the past year now, collecting unemployment while doing side cash jobs as a seat filler for other game shows at the rate of $8/hr
  • Toni lives in a trailer home (therefore would have no room for a dining room set unless she put it outside)
  • Toni has a personalized license plate:
  • Toni has previously been in the dental industry
  • Toni woke up at 2:30 AM to get in line
  • Toni's next paycheck will come from finding 40 people to attend a "Doctors" taping and will be $500
  • Toni loves cats and blue eyeshadow
I am sorry to be harsh but this literally was what kept coming out of her mouth. It just kept getting better and better! Funny though, Tina was actually called up today! Crazy, I know. Stan must have just been feeling the vibe she was giving. She didn't win anything but I guess her dreams have come true now. Sadly, Roxie, Stef and I didn't get picked but hey there is always next time right!

8:00 PM Monday Night: I just ate a pizza. A whole one. SICK!

Happy short week to all and to all a good night!


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