Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My New Pad

So I went and bit the bullet and signed a lease for an apartment in Santa Monica and I couldn't be more excited. I am sad to leave my current pad with the best roommate ever but I am sure she is more than happy to see the two slobs who have dominated her living room for the past month move on. We got a great deal on a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apt, with brand new carpet, granite counter tops, a new stove and lots of "natural light". As for location we are 10 blocks from the beach, just a short bike ride away, on the bike that I don't have. So all in all it seems pretty good. However I am still looking for "the catch". A different APT we looked at was only 2 blocks away and was a whopping $200 more. So there has to be something.

With the second of downtime I had today at work I began perusing Craig's List for some furniture when I came across this little gem and I asked myself, is this a want or a need? Well as far as I am concerned it is a definete NEED, 100%.

Gun Rack Positives
1. Gives off the impression that you own a gun.
2. At least you look like you could protect yourself.
3. Definitely helps represent Texas in the right way.
4. Will help protect me against any apt "catch" there might be.
5. Can be used as a liquor storage cabinet in the mean time.

Yea, I think I am going to buy it.

XoXo Babs

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