Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

Well last night was fun! Roxie and I met up with one of her friend's brothers who moved out here in May. Not only was he cute (score!) he was a transplant as well, originally being from WDC. We started off at a chill bar then ended up at the Roosevelt Hotel for their infamous Thursday night pool party, complete with a 1:00 AM synchronized swimming team. Wendy, you would have loved it. I am not sure if they got trained at Waldamar, but they were pretty good and to top it off had pink bathing suits on!

The Roosevelt was pretty cool, hip, you know the whole LA scene. Audrina from The Hills was there, not filming, hanging with some gel heads and the whole LA scene was in full effect. And there we were. Me in my Tory Burch flats and Roxie freaking out about her Excel test she has to take this morning for an interview. We fit right in.

Now I am at work, red eyes and all, preparing for a busy day. Happy Friday to all and I hope you had a fun Thursday night like I did, whatever it was you may have been doing.

And did I mention...Monday is my BIRTHDAY! YAY!

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