Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happiness on Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day to all! I hope everyone is having a great mid week day in whatever time zone you may be in. I am happy to say that my hump day rolled in this week coming off of a very successful Tuesday. My work day was fine but it was how my day concluded that was so

My work day ended as Roxie picked me up at work. We had plans to go grab a bite with my cousin before the Old Crow Medicine Show concert. We parked on Hollywood, which was a mad house because the movie Whip It starring Drew Barrymore (as Smashley Simpson mind you - maybe worth going to see just to see her characterization of Ashley as Smashley) was premiering at the Kodak Theater. The people were gathered in masses snapping pictures yelling "Drew Drew, over here" (no joke this all happened) as Rox and I pushed through. I was in need of a Blue Moon and what better place than the Pig'n Whistle, the home of Judy Garland's 15th birthday party. As we passed the fans, and "lucky" bystanders outside the Kodak Theater, we proceeded to walk through a film set up for a totally different project. Roxie and I couldn't tell what it was for and we went on our business as I really wanted my Blue Moon.

My cousin got there a bit later than we did and upon her arrival announced that they were filming Melrose Place next door. To this I shrieked in excitement "REALLY?!" So exciting right?! So we finished our meal and beers and had to back-track a bit to get to the Ford Theater for the concert (aka walk by the filming of MP). was WAAAAAY cooler than I had even imagined, over the past 30 mins at dinner that is. They had blocked the sidewalk off and as we attempted to pass by in the street they pulled us back on the sidewalk and asked us to wait. After the director yelled "CUT" they lifted the tape up and we literally got to walk through the scene. I was about 4 inches away from Katie Cassidy (aka Ella Simms). She was tall and all decked out in her sequin dress yelling at some guy getting into a limo (in the scene that is). As we passed by her the set crew was coming to put a robe on her (so they really do that!), and that was about it.

We continued our walk to the Ford, and ended up walking up the 101 freeway, yes Houstonians this would be equivalent to walking on the side of I-10, not cool. We ended up making it to the theater alive just in time for a little honky tonk restaurant Old Crow Medicine Show. The venue was awesome and the show was good. The dancing crowds-men were ridiculous to watch and the smell of BO was rampid. All in all a great show and I would definitely go again!

And then, here we are, to happy hump day, rounding out at a little after mid-day for me. I am really looking forward to my baking class tonight at Kiss My Bundt Bakery. In a quest to one day own my own bakery, with the perfect name mind you, I must research along the way and what better way than a baking cooking class? ...and the tickets were on sale. How perfect right?!?

So I hope all is well with my fellow readers, read on, forward on, and follow on! Lets amp this blog up! game?
Or are you to busy celebrating Hump Day????



  1. Oh I'm game alright. It's time to let this blog run rampid.

  2. I'm sorry - yoga class? new bike? bakery classes? concerts? swanky dinners? Don't you live in LA these days? Do you have a secret pot of gold stashed under that air matress you were living on?