Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

Make lemonade, or a vodka...right? Well what happens when life gives you all the ingredients you need to make cookies except your trusty mixer? You use a bowl. When you don't have a bowl? You use Tupperware you bought at target? Or at least that's what I did.

Last night I officially christened my apartment kitchen with its first batch of home made chocolate chip cookies. The only problem is life without a mixer has been a set back. On Saturday I purchased some cupcake mix, and did not realize I did not have my trusty mixer to make them with. Then last night I purchased cookie ingredients, again forgetting about my missing mixer and came home very excited only to realize again, no mixer. And beyond that no mixing bowl. That is a pretty sad site for a baker such as myself. But being the resourceful girl that I am I made do with the Tupperware kit I had bought at Target. How I managed to get out of that store with Tupperware and no mixer or mixing bowl is an anomaly. In my last abode I not only had one Kitchen - Aid mixer, but two. I also had at least three sets of mixing bowls. Something is array here.

While life with a bike is without a mixer, for me at least, is a set-back.

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