Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sin City Bound

Tomorrow after work I am departing for Sin City. Hopefully Sunday night I will have the energy to write about all the crazy things I do this weekend, but if not just use your imagination. Don't think too long and hard about it though, I'm not THAT crazy. But I am considering this trip as research for Erin's Bachelorette party in January that I am in the works of planning. So this weekend will be my "site visit". Erin, that means I will be scouting out all the hot new restaurants and clubs to insure an INSANELY good time in January. So get excited!

In turn I will be billing this trip back to all the bachelorettes that will be attending in January. So don't be alarmed at the small upcharge you will see on your bill. So thank you to all and get ready for a smashing good time!!!


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