Thursday, October 22, 2009

Celeb City

Ok so I am re-posting my current celeb sightings. So from now on I will update this post and this list with all the hot new celebs I see. For those of you new to the whole blog thing if you click on the tag to the right that says 'Celeb Sightings' and it will bring you straight to this post. This means you won't have to scroll through the whole blog to find the updates. Heaven forbid you were interested in any other postings, especially those few and far between from Wendy. Wink Wink.


1. Noah aka Vincent Young from the original 90210 - not the Quarterback at the Belmont.
2. Eggs aka Mehcad Brooks from True Blood walking in The Grove
3. Justin Walker aka Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters at Coco de Ville
4. Kevin Walker aka Matthew Rhys from Brothers and Sisters* at Coco de Ville
5. Kelly Osbourne at Teddy's
6. Ella Simms aka Katie Cassidy from Melrose Place filming outside a restaurant I was eating at. I got to walk right through the set too! It was pretty cool!
7. Keifer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer (walking to his car outside my building. He smiled at me and gave me a "hey what's up hottie" head knod. yep that's bad he is a drunky drunk).
8. Eric von Detten (EVD) at The Penthouse at The Huntly, he ate dinner with me and his "friends" and he was a total DUD.
9. Hilary Swank approx 3 feet from me at the gym...soooooo skinny! but soooo pretty.
10. Colin Farrell in my building chatting it up with the security guy. In a fedora.
11. Zac Efron at dinner at Pace. Wonderful little restaurant in the hills.
12. Hillary Swank at Craft
13. Renee Zellweger at Coffee Bean
14. Pierce Brosnan doing push ups in the courtyard at work
15. The Rock in my parking garage using the freight elevator
16. Jessica Stroup (silver in 90210) in my workout class next to me at the gym

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