Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wendy's excuses have run their course.

While her house was hit with lightening over two weeks ago, she has yet to post a blog in ___ weeks. Lightening striking a house and frying the Internet is a valid reason not to post, and then not wanting to post at work, valid as well. However, we are not living in 1994 where a dial up connection and AOL is necessary to get stuff out on the web. This is 2009, over 15 years have passed since a screen name and a phone line were needed to get online. Now we don’t even have to have cords; you can go wireless! For those of us stuck in 1994 that means borrow some Internet from your neighbors, or park your car outside a Starbucks and power up the labtop. How about even spending a nice relaxing evening with your boyfriend while he cooks and you blog away? That sounds like a wonderful plan.
"Hey babe, lets cook dinner tonight…yea you do the cooking and I’ll drink the
wine and type away, remember my Internet is broken? Thanks hun!"

Wendy being the sly fox that she is could easily come up with some tricky scheme like that, and probably pull it off even better. Remember when we tried to Free Freddie? Well, this is a way easier scheme with guaranteed positive results. You not only get an awesome dinner cooked by your one and only but also some time and free Internet to post away. Ohhhh the possibilities. .
But that’s ok, I can take a hint…I’ll just keep updating about my life and remain in the dark about my dear friend Wendy’s life back in Texas. Sad day.


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