Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bike's Galore

Ok readers, stay tuned. Tonight I am heading to the Chubby's Cruisers to pick out a bike so the final decision will be made in less than an hour. Just to add a little suspense I did find another pink bike that I am pretty much in love with. To give you a hint it is similar to what you get for selling oodles of mary kay, so we will see if it proves to be the one.

On a side note here are a list of the celebrities I have seen since moving here. I will add to it as I live on.
1. Noah aka Vincent Young from the original 90210 - not the Quarterback at the Belmont.
2. Eggs aka Mehcad Brooks from True Blood walking in The Grove
3. Justin Walker aka Dave Annable from Brothers and Sisters at Coco de Ville
4. Kevin Walker aka Matthew Rhys from Brothers and Sisters* at Coco de Ville
5. Kelly Osborne at Teddy's
6. Ella Simms aka Katie Cassidy from Melrose Place filming outside a restaurant I was eating at. I got to walk right through the set too! It was pretty cool!
7. Keifer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer (walking to his car outside my building. He smiled at me and gave me a "hey what's up hottie" head knod. yep that's bad he is a drunky drunk).
8. Eric von Detten (EVD) at The Penthouse at The Huntly, he ate dinner with me and his "friends" and he was a total DUD.

*He is from Wales, did you know? Wendy, I asked if he knew Tom Duffy but he didn't so then I accused him of pretending to be from Wales. I also used they, "hey what is your name, I think I know you" speel. I am sure he hasn't ever heard that one before?!? Disclaimer: This was on the night of my birthday, so I am not exactly sure he appreciated it but I found it amusing and am claiming immunity.

Drum Roll Please.....Here's my new bike!

This is the first picture of her from Friday, parked out side my Yoga class. How LA of me right?! Ride my bike to Yoga hip to the hop. I also spent all day Sunday cruising around on her (name to be decided shortly, and yes I am taking suggestions). I rode her to the Abbot Kinney street festival with a couple of veteran bike owners Lauren & Taylor. They showed me the streets, taught me how to lock it up securely, and maybe taught me the most important thing of useful a bell can be! So next stop Chubby's to pick out a bell. Stay tuned. Ding Ding.

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