Monday, July 27, 2009

Blah - Monday Mornings

Well another one is upon us, a dreadful no good Monday Morning (MM). It is always right around the time I start to enjoy my Sunday that I realize sooner rather than later it is going to be MM and I start thinking about all the details stupid MM entails. Mon-DAYS aren’t SOO bad, it is just the stupid MM and the anticipation of it that somehow makes it worse than any other morning. Normally it’s the regular routine, shower (or not), brush my teeth, feed the dog, eat some cereal, throw my hair in a pony, and drive (slowly) to work. While I don’t dread doing all these things it is just the matter of fact that it is a MM, the start of a new week, and all I want is for it to be 5:00 so I won’t have another MM for another 7 days. That makes for a long Monday and that’s a fact Jack!

Well today’s MM was a bit different. It started off by me having to wake up earlier than normal for an 8:15 dr. appt (boo #1). While that doesn’t seem to be too bad, the appt. was for the allergy dr. and the test I was getting does not allow me to shower for three days (boo #2)…so needless to say I went ahead and opted for a MM shower, and enjoyed every minute of it. I drove to the dr.’s office out by Memorial City Mall (would be boo #3, except that it was against traffic) and got put in the exam room. Well a man walks in, not the Dr., but a Man Nurse (MN). Now had it been Greg Fauker that would have been one thing, but this MN looked more like the creepy wrestler-teacher from Billy Madison (boo #3). THEN on top of having a creepy MN, he is wearing whitewashed jean scrubs (boo #1 for him, laugh of the day for me). Yep, you read that right…white wash jean scrubs. Who knew they existed?!? I wanted so badly to take a picture of said MN, but that would have required me sneaking one from his back side as he walked out the door and I thought I would spare all of you the grossness. After my conscience stopped the internal laughter the MN told me I had to put on a small paper robe exposing my back for the tests (boo # 4, 5, & 6) where he would apply (boo #7, 8 & 9) these weird sticker things. SICK!
MN - 1 Babs - 0

So that was my MM. Anyone else have any fun MM tales?
Peace - Babs

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