Friday, July 24, 2009

So, is it too late? NAHHH, It's never TOO late!

So today in the paper there was an article on Regional eats to die for where it talks about Jane and Michael Stern’s new book 500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late and Where to Eat Them. This couple has “made a living traveling on their stomachs” and it shows! The Chron talked to them last week about great eats in Houston which can be summerized as go to Avalon Diner and Lankford Grocery & Market. Now if you are from Houston you know these places have been around for ages and if you ask me I wouldn’t even bet $1 that they were going anywhere soon. So I am not quite sure what this “eat it before it’s too late” exactly means, is that a threat?! IDK but Avalon and Lankford are here for the long run.

Nonetheless this got me thinking about things to do before it’s too late and while eating is a life necessity, and eating well is a luxory, I started thinking more about life’s pleasures. My attitude in life is pretty much that it is never too late, and you are never too old, and it is never NOT FUN. But I’ll go ahead and make a list of fun things I think everyone should do regardless of your age, race, sex, gender, and stomach size. So to everyone out there (all 7 of you reading this) here is my list of fun thing’s to do before it’s too late (and please do not take these as too late before you croak…not the point).

- Eat a snow cone (SEE necessary to do before the summer is over)
- Drink the punch
- Eat late night
- Skinny Dip (wouldn’t want to do this past the age of 50, sick, so hurry up)
- Build a fort
- Kiss a random (that’s ALL though, I mean it)
- Microwave a Hot Pocket (those things have to be taken off the shelves sometime soon - SICK)
- Build a snow man (now in Houston this was possible only a short few years ago, so it might be
too late to see that much snow in H-Hizzle again, so go do it somewhere else)
- Throw a costume party
- Be famous, in your own way (if this means being a regular at Lizzards then so be it)
- Go to a Championship football game at the Rose Bowl *when the Longhorns are playing (now this my friends happened in 2005, but it DEFINETLY isn’t to late , figure it out!)
- Cause a scene (peeing in the Walmart isle counts :)
- Write in a journal
- Sunday Funday
- Skip school
- Live with a friend
- Live on your own
- Cook a Thanksgiving meal
- Start a business
- Cannonball
- Jump off the plank at Willie T’s and drink a Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar
- Wake up in Vegas (or stay up in Vegas or get married in Vegas)
- Eat a KK’s cookie (just a small plug)
- Shop till you drop
- Eat a Whataburger
- Live on San Antonio Street
- Learn to LOVE Chocolate


  1. The Longhorns can lick my long balls. Wait, what?

  2. Senior Year in Highschool Roundup Conversation:

    Well my mom said don't drink the punch. Really same with my mom. Really same with my mom. An my mom!

    Que 5 hrs later: We all drank the punch.