Friday, July 24, 2009

TCT's Inaugural Drinking Game Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m stealing a page out of the book from one of the funniest girls I’ve never met – Meg McBlogger of 2Birds1Blog fame. If we were to be trapped on a desert island, we’d want Meg there with us – mainly because she’s funny and likes to drink creatively. Thus, TwoCoastTales’ introduces its first Pilfered Drinking Game Friday! (Please don’t sue us.)

For our inaugural game, I’ve chosen one of my favorite movies of all time, Out Cold starring Jason London and Zach Galifianakis. Little known fact: to the naked eye, this film may seem like your average stoner snowboarding degenerate adventure, but it’s actually based loosely on Casablanca, often touted as one of the best films of this century. Which just goes to show you: there’s so much more to Generation X than meets the eye! Before I can outline the rules of the game, I have to give credit to the individual who introduced me to Out Cold, Andrew C., my college chum. Everything good comes from Andrew, including the Rhonda – also known as “The Tuck” to most males. Every winter at school, classes would inevitably be cancelled for 2 or 3 days due to ice and snow, so Andrew and I would settle in with a bottle of Goldschlagger and a copy of Out Cold to get us through this trying time. We live in different cities now and don’t get to see each other much, which may be for the best, because a 26-year-old standing on top of a cooler at a party with his manhood tucked between his legs singing “Vaagiiiiinaaa boyyyyy!” can only lead either to jail or Chris Hansen. Plus, now that college is over, we’ve been forced to assume responsibilities like jobs, taxes, and random drug screenings, which can put a real damper on our repertoire. However, I know that whenever I get a hankering for a good ol’ snow day, I can always pop Out Cold in the DVD player and reminisce about the senseless overconsumption of cinnamon-flavored liquor. So grab your handwarmers, your Jacuzzi Casanova, and your favorite Alaska mountain resort that sold out to The Man: It’s time for the Out Cold Drinking Game!!!

1.) Take a drink whenever:

  • A rip-roaring snowboarding montage is shown
  • Anyone says “Bull Mountain – don’t go changin’!”
  • The legacy of Papa Muntz is referenced in an inspirational speech
  • Lance says something extremely chauvinistic in an effort to mask his blatant homosexuality
  • Luke refers to his testicles as the Olson twins, the Hardy boys, dice, etc…
  • Anyone refers to Pedro O’Horny’s
  • Anyone says “Snow Nook”
  • Stumpy says anything

2.) Take a shot whenever:

  • Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” is played
  • A prank is played (Polar Bear Blow-Job, Drunk-Driver-Black-Out, etc.)
  • Anyone hits on Inga
  • Luke passes out

3.) Chug whenever:

  • Anyone has sex in a gondola



  1. "They call him that because he was up in it - you know, lovin' it STRONG."


  2. Pedro O'horny's... the most romantic place on earth